Medusa – The blessing of immortality : Dota allstar

Medusa – The blessing of immortality : Dota allstar

Medusa Overview

Dota Medusa - Gorgon

Medusa has average ability in strength, agility and intelligent. She is a range heroes, so it’s easily to farming gold or harassment enemies. Her stat and skills make she was very weak at initial and mid game. But at late game with powerful items, she become very strong and hard to be killed. She can striking multiple foes with a single volley of arrows, debilitating them with jolts of lightning, and even conjuring a protective barrier of mana.

Each level up give him + 1.85 str, +2.5 agi, + 2.25 int. In the initial and mid game, she can only farm gold as much as possible.

Advanced stats

Range 600 Move speed 300
Damage 44 – 50 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 1.9 Affiliation Neutral

Dota Medusa Skill Mystic Snake

Mystic Snake [C]

A mystic snake made of energy jumps from target to target dealing damage and stealing some energy. This is the first skill you should max it first. This is the only active skill dealing damage of this heroes. You should max this first to farm gold as fast as possible. The snake deals more damage and steals more mana per jump. The snake’s power is increased by 20% each jump. This skill can dealing damage to enemies and absorb their MP to you. It can only absorb enemies who have MP. Dealing 80/120/160/200 damage + extra damage + absorb 20/30/40/50 MP * jump time. It can jump maximum 6 times.

Dota Medusa Skill Mana Shield

Mana Shield [E]

This skill instantly absorbs 50% of the incoming damage by using Medusa’s mana. This skill absorbs is not dependent on your armor. When your mana is running out, this skill auto disable until you gain some manas again. The absorbs rate per level skills are different : 0.75/1.25/1.75/2.25 damage per 1 MP. If you get 200 damage, this skill will absorb 100 damage = 44 MP.

Dota Medusa skill Stone Gaze

Stone Gaze [G]

This skill deal no damage to enemies heroes and creep. But, it deals more damage to summoned units (Include illusions) per level skill. This is AOE skill, so that enemies in 800 AOE will be effect. It will decrease enemies attack speed by 90% and 2/3/5 random targets can’t movement in 5 seconds.

Dota Medusa skill Split Shot

Split Shot [T]

Medusa magically splits her shot into four arrows. These arrows deal a lower percent of her normal damage. Medusa can shoot 4 targets at a time, only one primary target get effect skill debuff ( stun, slow, … ). Each arrows deal 45/55/67/75% damage on base primary target. This skill is only good if your heroes damage is higher. Otherwise, don’t put any points in this skill.


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