Luna Farming : The Moon Goddess – Dota allstar

Luna Farming : The Moon Goddess – Dota allstar

Luna farming : Item building advantage and weakness

This is my way for luna farming method. Before you read it, let’s see overview about Luna Moonfang :


  1. Very powerful bounce damage.
  2. Range damage bonus and fast attack speed.
  3. Powerful ultimate skill in space.
  4. Lucent Beam has mini stun effect.
  5. Very good in pushing enemies tower.


  1. Very low HP.
  2. Ultimate skill become very weakness if there are too many enemy units.

Luna farming and Item building

Initial game

First, you should buy Boots of Speed and some HP,MP potions or Empty Bottle ( this item will heal your HP and MP 3 times, 135 HP/ 70 MP each time). This also use to capture magic rune at middle map, last for 2 minutes and fully regain 3 times healing effect. Helm of Dominator is also a useful item for Luna, it’s stack with Moon Glaive skill.

Luna moonfang has moon glaive was very good in farming creep. But, because of your lower HP, you should buy some barace to increase your survival chance.

Dota 1 Boots of Speed Dota 1 Empty Bottle



First ItemSecond ItemThird ItemRecipeCombine
Dota 1 Circlet of NobilityCirclet of Nobility +2 all statsDota 1 Gauntlets of Ogre StrengthGauntlets of Ogre Strength + 3 strBracer x2Dota 1 BracerBracer +3 all stats, +3 str, +3 damage
Dota 1 Circlet of NobilityCirclet of Nobility +2 all statsDota 1 item Slippers of AgilitySlippers of Agility +3 agiWraith BandDota 1 item Wraith BandWraith Band +3 all stats, +3 agi, +3 damage
Dota item Mask of DeathMask of Death +10% life stealHelm of DominatorDota item Helm of DominatorHelm of Dominator +15% life steal, +20 damage, +5 armor

Mid game

Luna base damage is very weak, so you should buy Crystalys to add some damage and chance to critical strike. Yasha is the next item you should have to increase a lot of attack speed and movespeed. You can buy ultimate orb to combine into Manta Style in this period, it good for mid and late game. If Luna use Illusions skill, your bounce damage will increase greatly.

First ItemSecond ItemThird ItemRecipeCombine
Dota 1 Blade of AlacrityBlade of Alacrity +10 agiDota 1 Boots of ElvenskinBoots of Elvenskin +6 agiYashaDota 1 YashaYasha +16 agi, +15% attack speed, +10% movespeed
Dota 1 YashaYasha +16 agi, +15% attack speed, +10% movespeedDota 1 item Ultimate OrbUltimate Orb +10 all statsManta StyleDota 1 item Manta StyleManta Style +26 agi, +10 str, +10 int, +15% attack speed, +10% movespeed, Active skill : Illusions
Dota 1 item BroadswordBroadsword +18 damageDota 1 Blades of AttackBlades of Attack +9 damageHelm of DominatorDota 1 item CrystalysCrystalys +35 damage, 10% critical strike x1.75

Late game

This is the time for upgrade Crystalys to Buriza-do Kyanon, your critical damage now should be around 700-1000 thank to your 3rd skill. Then let buy The Butterfly, this is very good item for agility heroes, it’s added lot of agility and attack speed and also evasion rate. SatanicĀ is the last item for Luna, with your great damage, this item is very effect in stealing enemies HP. You can also buy Black King Bar if opposite team have so many magic heroes. Or just ignore it, Manta Style illusions are enough.

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