Inflation RPG – How to hit to level 100.000 and unlock hard mode quickly?

Inflation RPG – How to hit to level 100.000 and unlock hard mode quickly?

What is hard mode ?

Besides normal mode at default, when you reach one of your character to level 100.000 in normal mode ( level 100.000 is not a limited ) , hard mode will be enabled for all characters !

How to reach to level 100.000 and unlock hard mode quickly ?

1. The first thing you need to do is farming 3 pieces of rings which increase 30% – 50% EXP.

  • You can farm 20% to 30% EXP rings from  Oculus of Hatred  ( Level 5.200 Boss ).

inflation_oculus of hatred

  • You can farm 50% to 60% EXP rings from Yamata no orochi ( Level 20.000 Boss ). This is a Hidden boss, to get it, see my guide below.

inflation yamata no orochi

Tip : To get to Yamata no orochi, before you kill boss Purple Equilibrium (kill it after you killed Orochi), follow the red arrow :

orochi boss

orochi boss 2

orochi boss 3

2. The second thing is your equipment.


Recovery Necklace is the first thing you should get it. You could farm to get Revival Necklace (Not 100% chance revival, it mean you could die if unlucky). There are two ways to get this necklace :

  1. Buy 2% Recovery Necklace from shop ( 1.700.000 Gold )
  2. Farm 4% Recovery Necklace and Revival Necklace from special monster in special bonus area symbol : ”  ???

inflation rpg special area

inflation rpg recovery necklace

4% Recovery Necklace drop from her : Ishtar

inflation rpg ishtar

Revival Necklace and Revival Necklace + 1 drop from her : Lilime

inflation rpg lilime



I recommend you shouldn’t use any high % bonus ATK and lower values bonus ATK rather than high values bonus ATK. In this case, Red Light Sword (+ 14.000 ATK / 320% ) is a very good weapon for mid and later in normal mode. It dropped from Red Eye Dragon (level 27.200 boss ).

Tip: Move your ass to central map, don’t kill central boss in this Maze map, follow my video for more information.


If you have enough time, you can farming Full Plate Armor (+5.000 / 250% ) in Maze map ( Area level 23.700 ). But i recommend not waste your time here, cuz I can reach level 100.000 with my Samurai Armor (+1400 / 240%) from shop ( cost 600.000 gold ). More 4.000 def value not worth for it


3. The last thing : Your strategy ( this is my case, you can follow it too )

Before starting a new game, you have to choose between farming or leveling.

  • The encounter reduction ring is the first thing you must have it, you can buy it from normal shop. Your gauge bar will be filled slowly, so you can save a lot of battle points. Don’t forget to buy a recovery necklace 2% or farming 4% from special monster.

encounter reduction ring

  • Before you killing any boss, remember to equip 3x EXP Gem.

exp gem

  • Your only path is head to the maze map ( after killing level 36k boss )

36k boss

  • In Maze map, you can farming there to level 37k – 40k and then kill the center boss to moving to the next map.

maze map boss

  • Or you can use your daily “bonus” in this map to moving to the hidden map.
  • You should look the area bonus “!?”, in this area, you have a chance to challenge GateKeeper enemy to moving to hidden map.


  • In the hidden map, you should kill all 5 color boss around before kill the 7 color center boss ( which will finished this hidden map ). Each boss a have chance to drop level 4, level 5 GEM ( very powerful), and the center boss have a chance to drop all stats gem +30.000. The monsters in this map also give you very good exp to leveling to 50.000.
  • I recommend your DEF should be at least 500.000 and your HP should be at least 200.000 when entered this area.

hidden boss

  • In this ice map, you shouldn’t kill any boss (they are very strong, you could lose your battle points ), just farming at multiple exp area until you get to level 100.000. When i entered this map, my current battle points is 43 ( and also + 9 battle points from ring ), equip your EXP GEM and seek suitable area for your level to farming.

ice map



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