Inflation RPG – Guide advanced farming Gold ( 1m to 5m gold )

Inflation RPG – Guide advanced farming Gold ( 1m to 5m gold )


  • Your LUC stat should be at least 30k to 50k+.
  • You must defeated lv 36.000 boss and entered Chaos Grid map ( This map is the best area to get bonus for farming gold ).
  • Remember to save your 2 bonus daily for farming in Chaos Grid, save at least 30+ battle points before entered this map.
  • Remember to bring x3 ring + 3-7 battle points each ( so your default battle points should be 45+ ).
  • Remember to bring x3 ring encounter gauge fills slower (to save battle points during moving).
  • Your ATK / DEF at least should be 300k / 250k.


Chaos grid map 01
Now, you should check all cells in this map first to find out the areas multiple money and then use the daily bonus. Each time you get a battle, the bonus of each cells also random changed, so check it carefully. Each battle you could get around 15-30k (depend on your LUC) * multiple bonus ,each battle you could get ~100k – 250k. So if you luckily , you could get total 5m gold here.

Don’t kill the center boss until you don’t have any extra battle point.

Look at my character, i still remain 42 battle points ( and x3 other+3 battle points ring each, total 51 battle points)

. I can easily get more than 5m gold here.

Chaos grid 02

Tip : Don’t miss out this area : ??? , some monster can drop a lot of gold

gold farming monster

gold farming monster 2

262.500 Gold per killed ? Look at this crazy


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