Inflation RPG – Beginner guide part 1 : gameplay, battle points, game mode, areas bonus


Just like others traditional game, in Inflation RPG you choose your favourite character and then killing enemy for goods. You can repeat to play your game many time as you would in two mode : normal / hard .

You can play this game even you haven’t access to internet. If you play it while access to internet, you can :

  1. Backup your game.
  2. Get total 6 times bonus for each arena everyday ( 2 times each running ) and get 3 times chance to obtain random money each of your running.
  3. Get random % bonus stats point when your character level over than 5000 .

Battle Point (BP)

It use to start a battle, you can increase BP by defeat bosses (+ 2 to + 4 BP each ) or equip accessories (+1, +3 , +5 , or +7 BP each, and you can only equip maximum 3 of them ).

Note : when you unequip accessories which give bonus BP, it shouldn’t be less than 1 BP otherwise you will get instant game over. Example : Your current BP is 1 and you equip a +1 BP ring, then you start to fight and winning a battle, your current BP now is 1, then if you unequip +1 BP ring, you will get instant game over because your BP less than 1 .

Game difficult

  • Normal mode : you will get total 30 battle points (BP), when you lose a battle, it will be deduct by 1 .
  • Hard mode : you will get total 10 battle points (BP), when you lose a battle, it will be deduct by 5 ( -1 point consumed and -4 points penalty ) .

To play in hard mode, you must reach to level 100.000 in normal mode . In hard mode, you will get this bonus :

  1.  Exp rate increase x10 times .
  2.  Enemy HP,ATK are increase x11 times .
  3.  Gold gain increase x5 times .

Note : All items drop in in hard mode can be use to play in normal mode too . All areas level zone in hard mode are ????? ( monsters appearance same as in normal mode ) .

Areas bonus

When you enter this area , you will get their bonus. You can select “Bonus” button and use your daily bonus buff for instance apply to all areas in your current map (the buff effect is last in 2 minutes )

Areas Bonus
Name Description Note
Exp x1.5 Increase 50% experiences in this area
Exp x2 Increase 100% experiences in this area
Exp x3 Increase 200% experiences in this area  Hard mode
Money x2 Increase 100% gold in this area
Money x3 Increase 200% gold in this area
Money x4 Increase 300% gold in this area
Money x7 Increase 600% gold in this area
Enemy ATK x0.5 All enemy in this area zone will be decrease 50% attack value  Include Boss
Enemy HP x0.5 All enemy in this area zone will be decrease 50% HP value  Include Boss
+ Combo & Crit Increase your chance to give more combos and critical chance  Even your agi and luck lower




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