[Guide] Mu online – 3rd Quest change class

3rd quest change class

Level required : 380
Item required :
x1 Death-beam Knight Flame ( map : Tarkan 2)
x1 Hell-Miner Horn ( Map : Aida)
x1 Dark Phoenix Feather ( Map : Icarus)

Zen cost (total) : 25.000.000
Condition : Complete 2rd class quest

Stage 1 – Certificate of Strength : Warp to Crywolf (228, 47)

guide 3rd quest change class

guide item require 3rd quest change class

Find 3 items in those maps :
Death-beam Knight Flame
guide boss location beam knight


Dark Phoenix Feather

guide boss location Phoenix of Darkness

Hell-Miner Horn
guide boss location hell miner

Stage 2 – Infiltration of Barracks of Ballgas : Killing 20 monsters each in special map :


Death Spirit


Go to Werewolf Quarrel in Crywolf ( pay 3.000.000 zen ) to enter Balgass’s Barrack :

Werewolf Quarrel

Kill 20 monsters each :


Stage 3 – Into The Darkness: Killing Dark Elf (Boss)

Get your quest and back to Barrack :

Dark Elf QuestRealm of Darkness :
Dark Elf Entrance Realm of Darkness

Killing Dark Elf and finish your 3rd Class change quest ( respawn time : 3-4 hours )

Boss Dark Elf


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