Guide Brave Frontier RPG Turn base – Android / iOS game

Guide Brave Frontier RPG Turn base – Android / iOS game

Brave Frontier Guide game Overview

Download game app from : Google Store

Publisher : Gumi Inc

Game features : RPG turn base / Various quest system / Pet System / Synthesis items / Upgrade items / Collection items

Brave Frontier – Game Elements guide

There are 6 elements : Fire / Water / Earth / Thunder / Dark / Light

  • Fire strong against Earth but weak to Water
  • Earth strong against Thunder but weak to Fire
  • Thunder strong against Water but weak to Earth
  • Water strong against Fire but weak to Thunder
  • Dark and Light against together.


Brave Frontier Elements

Brave Frontier – Guide battle system

Your maximum team members (squad) are 5 + 1 friend. During a battle, touch your units to use normal attack random enemy, if you want to attack only one enemy, first touch the enemy to lock it and then touch your units . Your squad turn first, no agility require. When your gauge bar is full (by obtain Battle Crystal from enemy) , you can use special’s unit skill (Brave Burst).

You can only use a item at the beginning of new turn, to use item, touch your item and touch your unit or units.

Treasure chests sometimes appear when enemy is defeated. It can contain items or monster, if you don’t want to open it, touch Advance.

Tip : If  your squad keep combo when the enemy HP fall to 0 HP, you will get more Battle Crystal. You will get Battle Crystal and Hearts Crystal during attack enemy.

Battle Crystal increase unit’s gauge bar.

Hearts Crystal heal your unit HP.

Brave Frontier battle

Brave Frontier – Character Stats

Star : 1 to 7 stars

Unit’s elements

Unit type :

  • Anima : Increase more %HP when level up and reduce more %Rec.
  • Guardian : Increase more %DEF when level up and reduce more %Rec.
  • Breaker : Increase more %ATK when level up and reduce more %DEF
  • Lord : Normal growth stat , not reduce any stat
  • Oracle : Increase more %Rec when level up and reduce more %DEF

Rec = Recovery stat

Cost : The number require to summon a pet. (Your character increase 2 maximum cost per level . Base cost = 50)

Leader Skill : Increase unit’s stat

Brave Burst Sill : Combat skill

character stat


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