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Dota Agility Heroes Attribute

Every heroes have one primary attribute. The Primary Attribute can be determined based on icons shown on the status panel Dota Medusa

agi dota 1In dota, agility heroes symbol “Leg” is the primary attribute of this heroes, Increasing the Primary Attribute of a hero will increase the hero’s damage. Each agi (agility) point increase your heroes 1 base damage and 1% Attack speed and each 7 agility points will increase 1 armor. Agility heroes can be melee or range attack. They have highest attack speed and armor.

Agility Heroes List

All of this evaluate base on my experience.

Name in side (…) are the most common name when you want to say about that heroes.

Heroes NameEvaluateBuildEquip
Dota Medusa - GorgonMedusa
Highest damage reduce base on her mana. Average damage.ViewView
Dota Luna MoonfangLuna Moonfang
(Moon Rider)
High bounces damage in group of enemiesViewView