Centaur Farming : Easy gold farming – Dota allstar

Centaur farming : Item building advantage and weakness

This is my way for Centaur farming method. Before you read it, let’s see overview about Centaur Warchief :


  1. Very powerful reflect damage.
  2. Very high HP.
  3. Aoe stunning skill


  1. Very low MP.
  2. Usually budge for teammate farming.

Centaur farming and Item building

Initial game

First, you should buy Stout Shield and Quelling Blade, both item will boost your damage and block your incoming damage. Save some money and buy Ring of Health, then you can survival longer and get more gold.

Centaur Warchief has Return skill which was very good in farming creep. Combine with Vanguard item, your HP at level 6 can exceed 1500 HP+. After level 6, you can by Boots of Speed and upgrade it to Phase Boots. It can be use to boost your speed to approach enemies heroes for stunning them.

Dota 1 Stout Shield Dota 1 Quelling Blade

Dota 1 Ring of Health




First ItemSecond ItemThird ItemRecipeCombine
Dota 1 Circlet of NobilityCirclet of Nobility x3
( +2 all stats )
Dota 1 Gauntlets of Ogre StrengthGauntlets of Ogre Strength x3
( + 3 str )
Bracer Recipe x3Dota 1 BracerBracer x3 ( 525 gold x 3)

( + 3 all stats + 3 str + 3 damage )
Dota 1 Ring of HealthRing of Health
( +4 HP/s )
Dota 1 Stout ShieldStout Shield
( 60% chance to block 20 damage)
Dota 1 Vitality BoosterVitality Booster

( +250 HP )
Vanguard RecipeDota 1 VanguardVanguard ( 2225 gold )

( +6 HP/s , +270 HP, 70% chance to block 40 damage ( or 20 damage for range heroes)
Dota 1 Boots of SpeedBoots of Speed
( +55 Movement speed)
Dota 1 Blades of AttackBlades of Attack (x2)
( + 9 damage )
Phase BootsDota 1 Phase BootsPhase Boots ( 1400 gold )
( + 60 movement speed, +24 damage, Active skill : + 15% movement speed in 4 seconds )

Mid game

Centaur Warchief HP at level 11 easily hit to 2000 HP+. You can buy Heart of Tarrasque to increase your HP to more than 3000 HP. Kelen’s Dagger is the good choice now. Suddenly blinking to enemies is alway good than running to them. If there are too many intelligence heroes in opposite team, Hood of Defiance is the first thing you should buy in this stage. It can reduce 30% magical damage and +8HP regeneration.

First ItemSecond ItemThird ItemRecipeCombine
Dota 1 Vitality BoosterVitality BoosterDota 1 Messerschmidt's ReaverMesserschmidt's ReaverRecipeDota 1 Heart of TarrasqueHeart of Tarrasque
Dota item Kellen Dagger of EscapeKellen Dagger of Escape : Enable active skill : Blinking

Late game

This time make you become Tanker Machine. You can buy one more Heart of Tarrasque but remember that %HP regeneration won’t stack. Assault Cuirass not only increase your armor by 15 and your allies attack speed, but also reduce enemies nearby you. This is a very good item for your allies. Besides, Shiva’s Guard will reduce enemies attack speed. It also deal cold damage to enemies around you and slow them 40% movespeed.

First ItemSecond ItemThird ItemRecipeCombine
Dota item Plate MailPlate Mail +10 armorDota item ChainmailChainmail +5 armorDota item HyperstoneHyperstone +55% attack speedAssault CuirassDota item Assault CuirassAssault Cuirass +10 armor, +35% attack speed, +5 armor aura, +20% attack speed aura, -5 armor of enemies nearby.
Dota item Plate MailPlate Mail +10 armorDota item Mystic StaffMystic Staff +25 intShiva's GuardDota item Shiva's GuardShiva's Guard +15 armor, +30 int, -15% enemies attack speed aura

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