Bristleback : Strength Heroes Top Tanker Guide – Dota AllStars ( Dota 1 )

Bristleback : Strength Heroes Top Tanker Guide – Dota AllStars ( Dota 1 )

Bristleback Strength Heroes : Top Tanker

Lyov Bristleback Dota 1

Lyov the Bristleback is the most tanker in this game. He has 40% damage reduce skill when he cover his back to enemy from rear ( 70 degree from the back ). If enemy from side (110 degree from the side), it only reduce 20% damage taken. He also automatically releases a quill spray whenever his rear receives 250 damage. Each quill spray will make 80 damage and 30 more damage stack, the stack damage will last for 10 second. So each time he release quill spray by skill or by automatically, the enemy will get ( 80 + 30 * time ) damage. The more he get hit, the more damage he reflect.

Each level up give him + 2.2 str, +1.8 agi, + 2.8 int. So with a lot of mana, he can spam skill and running like hell.

Advanced stats

Range 100 Move speed 295
Damage 52 – 62 Attack speed 1.7
Armor 3.4 Affiliation Neutral

Bristleback skills build

Qill Spray bristleback skill 2

Quill Spray [R]

This is the first skill you should max it first. This is the only active skill giving damage of this heroes. To farming gold quickly, you should max this skill first when you reach to level 7. It make 20/40/60/80 + 30 stack damage with aoe 650 around him. It’s cooldown only 3 seconds. This skill cap damage stack is 180.

bristleback skill 3 : Dota 1

Bristleback [Passive]

Then this is the second skill for your heroes.  It will reduce 10/20/30/40% damage from rear and 5/10/15/20% damage from side. This skill also automatically releases a quill spray if you also add at least 1 point into Quill Spray skill.

warpath bristleback ultimate skill - Dota 1

Warpath [W]

Thirdly, this is his ultimate skill which you must have. I remember that in some old version, this is a passive skill, now it change to Active skill. This skill will boost your move speed and attack speed in 10 seconds. It can stack up to 4 times, so whenever you cast any skill of Bristleback, this skill will automatically trigger. It increase (30/40/50% Attack Speed and 5/7/10% Move speed) + (5/10/15% Attack speed stack + 1/2/3% Move speed stack). Basically, your move speed can alway maximum if you combine this skill with some item increase movement speed.

Viscous Nasal Goo bristleback skill 1 - Dota 1

Viscous Nasal Goo [G]

Finally, this is a useless skill if your team need only a good tanker, not a aggressive heroes. It will reduced (-1/-1/-1/-2 enemy target armor and 20% movement speed) + ( -3/-6/-9/-12% Move speed stack ). Max stack is 4 times. But it’s a good skill if you want to chase someone.


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