Dota List Strength Heroes

Dota Strength Heroes Attribute

Every heroes have one primary attribute. The Primary Attribute can be determined based on icons shown on the status panel strength heroes primary attribute

str dota 1“Fist” is the primary attribute of this heroes. Increasing the Primary Attribute of a hero will increase the hero’s damage. Each str (strength) point increase your heroes 19 HP, regeneration +0.03 HP/s and +1 base attack damage. Strength heroes usually a powerful melee attacker, except some special heroes. Strength heroes have a higher maximum number of hit points and regenerate faster.

To know more this kind of heroes, see list of Strength Heroes below :

Dota List Strength Heroes

All of this evaluate base on my experience.

Name in side (…) are the most common name when you want to say about that heroes.

Strength Heroes List

Heroes NameEvaluateBuildEquip
Lyov Bristleback Dota 1Rigwarl
Good HP and MPViewView
Bradwarden - Centaur Warchief Dota 1Bradwarden
(Centaur Warchief)
Very Good HPView...
Rooftrellen - Trean Protector Dota 1Rooftrellen
(Treant Protector)
Very Good HP and HP Regeneration
Knight Davion - Dragon Knight Dota 1Knight Davion
(Dragon Knight)
Very Good Armor and HP Regeneration
Huskar - Sacred Warrior Dota 1Huskar
(Sacred Warrior)
Very Good HP Regeneration and HP burning damage
Rexxar - Beastmaster Dota 1Rexxar
Good HP and Summon Monsters
Razzil Darkbrew - Alchemis Dota 1tRazzil Darkbrew
Very Good HP and Very very Good HP Regeneration

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