Inflation RPG – Guide beginner farming Gold ( 100k to 700k )

Before you are ready

Remember to use daily “bonus”, it will instantly make all areas in your current map get bonus in about 10 minutes, you have to choose only areas bonus money x3, x4, x7. If you are too weak, you should raise your level to at least 300.To well survival and easily defeated level 2222 boss (300.000 HP – don’t forget to wait x7 or x4 money from boss area) here, your stats should be :

  • HP ~ 5.000 and DEF ~ 7.700 ( you’ll only lost ~500 HP per boss attack –> You have to kill him in 9 -10 turns).
  • HP ~ 10.000 and DEF ~ 5.000 ( you’ll only lost ~ 800 HP per boss attack –> You have to kill him in 12-13 turns).

What should you need to prepare ?

  1. Max your Luc stat ( better from 5.000 to 20.000 Luc ) : It will increase your both drop rate and bonus gold %. If you defeated level 2.222 boss in this map, you will get (10.000 gold + gold %)* multiple area gold bonus.
  2. Move to the map at right 3hr o’clock of your first appear and farming there until you run out of your battle points. Remember to kill boss here.
  3. Use your gold to unlock first 6 basic slots and another sub-slot. The more accessories you have, the strongest you’ll get.
  4. You can only farming from 100k to 1m (if luckily) here, to farming more gold, you can read my another guide later.
  5. Remember to spend 500k gold to buy gem + 3 luc (+4.000 luc points, max 3 gem per type) from shop, you can also buy battle ring + 3 battle points to get more battle, but remember if you unequip it, your battle points will be minus, you won’t get more battle points if unequip and re-equip it again.inflation rpg map farming goldinflation rpg sphinx boss area

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