Guide Warriors’ Market Mayhem – Android/iOS gameplay part 2

Blacksmith Hamster Craft

After collect materials, you need it for craft. There are 3 basic type materials : ore – wood – leather.

You need Ore + Wood = weapon ( + Attack , Critical ) , Ore + Wood + Leather = Shield (+ Max HP , Knock-back resistance), random Ore or Wood or Leather = Accessories (+% Exp or +% Gold earn from quest, hunting, boss…). See this :


Weapon Shield Accessories
craft weapon craft shield craft accessories

How to increase hamster crafting speed ?

A: Increase it’s Mastery Skill . (You can also touch them every 3 seconds for double crafting speed ). You can also buy “Statue of mountain king hammer” from Counter Girl NPC (cost 100 Honor points) which decrease 0.015 second each level.

How to unlock accessories craft ?


A: Upgrade your hamster’s Mastery Skill to level 3 ( cost total 5000 + 20000 + 45000 = 70000 gold )
mastery skill
Tip : Don’t touch any queue NPC if you don’t have any materials for crafting. You will get extra gold and relationship points of NPC if you finished quest before time out. The more relationship points, the more extra gold you get (+10% ,20%,30% ,…)

npc extra reward


Tip : This NPC will give you free Rubies after completed his quest.


rubies quest rubies quest 1 rubies quest reward

How to unlock new Weapon / Shield ?

A: Defeated bosses at 8 , 13, 17, 21,… floors. Touch dungeon tab and pick 5 best heroes to challenge bosses. Each floor include 3 stage, each stage will give you 3 buff options (+10% ATK/ DEF or recovery 20% total team HP)

Tip : This npc will sell random materials for gold

material for gold

Unlock Town

To unlock Town, you need to finished Task to 5 steps, each step have the same kind quest :

  • Challenge Dungeon 1 time.
  • Rest your warrior in bed until they recover fully stamina
  • Touch Blacksmith Hamster while they are crafting x times.
  • Complete customer quest x times.
  • Complete customer quest within period time for x times.
  • Send warrior to collect materials.
  • Make weapon and shield x times.
  • Power up your weapon or shield x times. (Just touch “bag” and touch weapon or shield, require 2 same items each time,i recommend use basic weapon or shield).
  • Sell your weapon / shield for x amount of gold. (Note : This is sell not for questing, touch “bag” and tick “for sale” and then touch your weapon, shield for sale, i recommend sell basic weapon or shield).

Finally, touch the last quest and you will get rubies and go on to the next step, repeat until you get 5 stepstask stepInside the Town

inside the town

Trading Post : Same as black market

black market

Altar : Choose a warriors to use totem which increase x amount of exp. You get a free basic totem at Counter Girl NPC everyday


Event : Craft weapon or shield and touch to it to completed a quest, if lucky you can unlock to the next stage until it full fill the gauge and you will get Honor Points ( It reset at 0:00 ).

event bingo


Palace : Pick your strongest warrior to challenge other player and get Honor Points as reward. ( 6:00 hours cooldown time )

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