Grow Stone Online new Updated : X-mas event – Frozen Set

X-Mas Craft Event

To craft these event item, you need a X-Mas letter, you can buy it in shop item ( cost 80 rubies each )

  • X-Mas Armor Box
  • X-Mas Hat Box


x mas snow cloack x mas letter
  • X-Mas Avatar Package – only in X-mas Event (cost 2400 rubies)

x mas avatar package

Craft Frozen Set item

To craft Frozen set item, you need a Frozen needle (obtain from boss rewarded in Scenario Dungeon ) . Recommend a party more than 3 millions power.

frozen set item frozen needle scenario dungeon

New pet

  • Bibi : Critical Damage + 1%
  • Skull lime : Attack + 1%
  • Golden Lantern : Defense + 5
  • Volcanic Scorpion : Defense success rate + 0.5 %

grow stone new pet

Welcome back Event for free rubies

After a long time, today i login into this game and get 1000 free rubies and continue get more rubies for the next 14 days :

grow stone free rubies

free rubies daily login

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