Guide Warriors’ Market Mayhem – Android/iOS gameplay part 1

Warrior Market mayhemGame introduce

Game type  : Role Playing

Publisher : Cat Lab

Game features : collect resources (ores, trees, leathers), challenge boss, defense quest, craft weapons, shield and accessories, upgrade skills, warriors challenge, trade resources in black market,daily quest.



  • Gold : You get gold when sell item to npc, completed normal quest and main quest, finished boss run, defensed quest. It use to buy new warriors slot, recruit new warrior from 1* to 3*, buy hamsters blacksmith, buy materials from merchant, upgrade your hamsters blacksmith craft mastery.
  • Ruby : You get rubies when finished boss run for the first time, defensed quest, completed a line of main quest, daily spin reward. It use to upgrade skill, recruit 3* – 5* warriors, buy gold, buy totems which increase exp for warriors, buy items for decorate your house.
  • Medal : You get medal from Tournament which take play every 6 hours, daily quest (event) in Town (You can unlock Town when finished line 4 of main quest). It use to upgrade special skill and buy Totems, it also use to upgrade your hamster blacksmith’s special skills.

Warriors (your labors)

You can order them to mine ores, collect trees or gather leathers. Each warrior has different base skill, some for battle and some for Mine

warrior stat resources map
Warrior’s Stat Map

Tap “Adventure” to open Mine map, it cost stamina (yellow bar) each time your warriors take an order to work. Each map level require different time and stamina to mine resources.

When your warrior’s stamina lower than required stamina from Mine, your warrior can’t do it.

Normally, when your warrior rest, it recovery 1 stamina each minutes and when your warrior sleep, it recovery 1 stamina each 15 seconds. Stamina will increase when your warrior level up.

ore Map level 1


Warrior’s Skill

One star warrior can only get 1 skill, 2* or more get more than 2 skills (but some rare warrior get only 1 skill ). This table show all skills that i saw before :

Skills name Description Warrior’s name(stars)
 Advansed your suffering is my pleasure  recovery bead drop rate in dungeon increase 30% Penne(2*),Arpel(3*)
 Advansed ice pillar  throw ice pillar at the certain rate on attack (20%) Arpel(3*)
 Beginner scholar  exp earned increases 10% Peter(1*),Penne(2*)
 Beginner lumberjack  logging amount increases 10%  Aaron(1*)
 Beginner hunter  more leathers obtained 10%  Chase(1*)
 Beginner haste  adventures time decreases 10%  Urge(2*)
 Beginner knack  expand buff gauge in raid 10%  Urge(2*)
 Beginner i’m a hero  attack increases 6%  Carly(2*)
 Beginner hibernation  early recover when taking a sleep 10%  Carly(2*)
 Advansed siblings of eagle five  damage per member in dungeon increase 7%  Ryu(2*)

Part 2 : Warrior’s Market Mayhem – Part 2

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