Brave Frontier guide Sphere – Android / iOS game

Sphere System

What are spheres ?

Sphere is a buff item for your unit. Only use one sphere per normal units. You can use sphere frog to fuse one more sphere.

You can unlock sphere system at level 6 .

sphere item

How to obtain spheres ?

  • Crafting.
  • Achievement rewards : You can get free spheres just for leveling, this is the best way for beginner.
  • Arena ranking rewards : you start get spheres from Amateur rank to Thanatos rank.
  • Frontier Hunter Event rewards : this event held 6 days every month.

Sphere type

sphere boost

One sphere can boost many type parameters

  • Attack Boost
  • HP Absorb/ Recovery Boost
  • Critical Boost
  • Status resistance
  • Spark damage Boost
  • Skill gauge Boost (BB)
  • Damage reduce / reflect
  • Drop rate Boost

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