Guide League of Angel 2 – Game Events Abyss, Animal’ Path

Guide League of Angel 2 – Game Events Abyss, Animal’ Path

Daily Event for Single-player mode

Abyss and Dark Abyss

(Daily Respawn : 3 )

You can only complete either Abyss or Dark Abyss one time per day.

Abyss rewards : Hellcoin

Dark Abyss rewards : Abyss Shard and 15000+ Hellcoin

You have to defeat 60 floor enemies. Each floor include 3 different mode : Easy / Normal / Nightmare . Each difficult rewards multiple 3 stars score * 1 / 2 / 3 depend on your battle stars score (No heroes died equal to 3 stars score ). You have to get maximum 540 stars in Abyss to unlock Dark AbyssMaximum stars in Dark Abyss is 270 stars.

loa2 dark abyss

You have to defeat Nightmare mode to skip that battle for the next time.

Every 5 floors, you will be reward a chest for additional Hellcoin or Abyss Shard and a random equipment shard (rare to legendary ).

Every 6 floors, you will use your stars to buy a buff ( Atk / Def / Hp / Dmg / Dr / Crit rate / Hit rate / Dodge rate / Agi ).

abyss bonus

You get free 2 Aid help from your friends. Try to add as strong friends as good ! ( But you can’t skip enemies battle although your friends defeat Nightmare mode, you have to do it )

Abyss shop reward

You can buy myth equipment shard and item for upgrade equipment here. You need 100 myth equipment shard to combine a myth equipment.

abyss shop rewards Dark Abyss shop reward

Animal’s Path

Daily Attempts : 20

Event rewards : Exp / Animate Item Shard / Anima

Animate item and Anima are using to add bonus stats to your characters or heroes. When you fill out Animate Level, you will get bonus % ATK / DEF / HP :

animate stats

Each anima’s path drop different tier of Animate item shard and Anima. You will get bonus Animate item shard and Anima for the first time you get 4 – 8 – 12 -18 stars each chapter :

animal path chap 14

You can also use Anima to buy Animate item shard. Remember : Anima is hard to obtain than Animate item shard. You can get more Anima in monthly Events

animal path shop

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