Guide League of Angel 2 – 3D Turn base browser game part 1


Guide game overview :

Game Introduce

  • Publisher : Gtarcade
  • Game features : Dungeon / PVP / Pet System / Siege War / World Boss / Cross Server War / Monthly event / Outfit / Elvove / Mount
  • Auto in game : Avaiable
  • Official site :

There are 3 factions in this game : Tempest / Celestial / Midas . Each faction has 20 – 23 heroes from rare grade to myth grade ( even  Artifact grade)

Faction Heroes List
Tempest tempest faction
tempest faction 2
Celestial celestial faction
celestial faction 2
Midas midas faction
midas faction 2
midas faction 3

rare < unique < legendary < myth < artifact

Rare heroes : 1 skill

Unique heroes : 2 skills

Legendary heroes : 3 skills

Myth heroes : 4 skills

Artifact heroes : 4 skills

Guide game currency

Today, this game has 3 currency (before, only diamond) :

  • Topaz (purchase special item’s event and auction, get it by recharge)
  • Fading – Diamond (using before diamond, reset everyday)
  • Diamond (quest , leveling reward )
  • Gold

Guide quest System

League of Angel 2 have 5 quest systems :

  • Daily quest reward : Diamond, EXP, Refresh Token ( using in Guild Shop ), Gold, Stamina, Pray Token, Soul, Relic Essence, Wicked ore, Refine stone
  • Weekly quest reward : weekly quest point ( for exchange very rare material such as : heroes seal (exchange legendary heroes) ,Myth equipment shard … ) and total 10500 exp
  • Challenge : this is a extra rewards when you complete a milestone
  • Retrieval : if you forget to complete quest yesterday, you can get quest reward here by spending gold for 60% resources or spend diamond for 100% resources.
  • Growth Goal : same as challenge quest but the prize are great.

Guide Mount System

Each mount has 2 skills ,your basic mount is Thoroughbred. To get unlock a new mount, you need Riding Skill Points  and a Pet Seal. To get more Riding Skill Points, you have to use Mastery Stone to level up your pet talent’s level first. Every talent’s level include 10 levels. You will need a lot of Mastery Stones. Look at this : 

mount talent's level

My current talent’s level is R9-Level7, to get to R10, i need to get 3 more levels. To get this myth mount Ember Dragon , i need to get it’s Seal ( only in event)

mount talent 1

Remember to get free Codex Essence points everyday (Capable at 500), it using for upgrade pet’s bonus, each pet has different bonus :

codex essence

to be continue…

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