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The Dark RPG – Android


You can visit Google Store to download this game for free : The Dark RPG

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There are 4 classes in this game : Cat Lady (DEX ) / Sword Master (STR) / Battle Mage (INT) / King Albino (INT) – Need to complete change class quest

swordmaster king albino

Note : Vit + 10 hp each point / Luck + % to drop Legendary to Artifact items Items level drop rate depend on your main level

You started at Tranquil Village , move to 1h o’clock to start first hunting at Act 1 : The Dark Age (Choose Easy mode for fast level )

act 1 the dark age

There are 5 maps in Act 1, each map has 7 modes from Easy to Hell , each mode give you bonus EXP + Gold + Luck . I recommend only farming at Easy mode for fast leveling first.

To unlock next map in Act 1, you need to defeat boss in any mode.

One map divine into 4 zones , each zones level different + 2-3 level, any monster out of a zone is weak, if your character is weak, i recommend farming at zone 1 until you find a good weapons

map zone

Note : Don’t forget to increase Luck and Artifact Seeker skill in Research .

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