Blade and Soul – Overview (for PC)

This is a Korea MMORPG inspired by martial arts and Asian mythology. There are 4 races and 9 classes ( at the moment ) :

Races : Jin / Gon / Lyn / Yun

Classes :

Questing : This is the main feature for leveling and unique items, you can get to level 50 easy if you complete all main quest.

Tip : Complete main quest (yellow) and daily quests (blue) together. Don’t solo field bosses unless you get their killing quest, they only drop materials for crafting


This is the main features of this game, you can solo almost all dungeons or make a party cross server ( by press F7 for quick teleport  ). My recommend solo classes are : Assassin / Blade Dancer,Master / Summoner or Force Master if you fast control enough. This is party cross server :


Main crafting base on GEM and Weapon Upgrade :

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